Are we giving ourselves enough time out – time to do something for ourselves? (entertainment/exercise/creativity/fun/play/friends/relaxation).

Are we having enough breaks? – breaks give us more energy and hence time to do the things we have to do. (real lunch breaks; a change of scene; time to talk to others) (even short breaks help: get up/walk about/stretch/take a few deep breaths)

Are we tackling the most demanding tasks when we’re tired? (wait until we’re fresh for the most difficult things to do) Are we bottling anything up?(need to talk to someone)

Is it hard to get started? (an affirmation may help: I can do this…)

Do we recognise when we need help?

Are we pacing ourselves? (we need to stop just before we get too tired; if we are saying to ourselves, ‘one more thing’ –it may be time to stop NOW!)

Are we prioritising and planning our time AND allowing for interruptions? (we can do things that give us energy first – put them top of the list)

Are we carrying responsibilities for other people’s work and responsibilities? (we may need to let go)

Are we attached to aiming to be perfect?  This will slow us down, better to get it done and be effective. (70% is a good enough!)

Are we going too fast?  (slowing down gives us time to think more clearly and take stock)

Are we too reactive to things that wind us up? (work at not reacting; distract ourselves even use a mantra/colour/image to STOP reacting. We could design for ourselves a STOP sign!)  What would be a better response? (it is powerful when we take time to choose to respond differently)

Are we setting realistic expectations?

Are we using our imagination to worry or pile work/the future on our heads?(change what we are imagining to something productive and creative)

Are our beliefs/feelings/thoughts weighing us down?  (change our focus to half full glass not half empty especially about ourselves) (can do rather than can’t; positive self talk rather than negative self talk)

Are we too easily distracted? (we can imagine putting all negative distractions outside our office door/at home or if they are really intruding – we may need to prioritise them first/take a break)

Do we give ourselves time for a ‘well done’? (rewarding ourselves in some way is vital for inner motivation)

Are we working too long on one task/getting bored? (take a break and come back renewed or do something else for a while) (we may want to mix up activities – balance again!)

Are we laughing enough? (laughter and smiling changes our body chemistry and gives us lots of energy)

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