Some films of war show victims that are so helpless and hopeless that all I can think to do is to write a poem to honour the victims and bear witness to the reality of what they went through:


A Channel 4 News Documentary shown in November 2013 filmed the Killing Fields in Sri Lanka in 2009 where 40,000 Tamils, including many women and children, were massacred.

I see your pictures.

Your children look like

my children.

Your love looks like

my love.

I see you shooed

into an ever decreasing

space and being told it is safe.

You gouge bunkers

with your rawboned hands,

place your children in first

and scramble in behind them.

Shrapnel smashes into their bones, into your bones.

The earth is stampeded with savagery,

a flood of red evaporates

into a malodour as any shape of life

is beaten from beautifully wrapped gifts

and is blown away in the wind.

I see your pictures.


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