The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.”   Robert Frost

As soon as worrying thoughts start to go around and around we can find ourselves blocked from moving forward positively and constructively. Here are FIVE STEPS FORWARD  to break in to that pattern:

  • Do ONE small job: e.g. clear out a drawer/handbag/file using 10 minutes to achieve one thing;
  • Spend one hour during today or this evening doing something just for you that breaks your routine.  Something you really enjoy and that energises you: e.g. have a long soak in the bath; listen to a favourite CD you haven’t played for a while; read a book or magazine just for fun; sit and doodle; watch or listen to something that makes you laugh…;
  • Think of a positive statement about yourself and repeat it several dozen times during this afternoon and this evening in terms of: I am…; She/He is…; You are… (these last two while looking in the mirror) and make sure this positive statement is the last thing you say to yourself before you go to sleep tonight;
  • Call someone on the phone who you really care about and who you don’t get to talk to very much –  someone who energises you;
  • Plan something good for yourself, something out of the ordinary, a special occasion, a visit somewhere, something exciting to look forward to.


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